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SUITU ST-9007 Double-Sided Auto Washing Towel Wiping Cloth Car Interior Absorbent Fiber Wipes, Size: 40 x 40cm


SKU: AC52A049

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April 14th, 2024 07:46 pm

1. Material: fiber
2. Applicable models: universal
3. Soft and fine velvet, effectively capture fine dust, avoid small gravel into the towel, remove dirt and oil effect is remarkable
4. High density fine weaving, wipe without hair, no silk
5. Multi-purpose, easy to clean the car, do not worry about damage to the interior
6. Strong water absorption capacity, can adsorb more than 6 times its own quality water
7. Non-marking fine locking edge high density locking edge technology, long use does not come out of the circle
8. Hot pressing process, clear printing, no discoloration and no shedding

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